Post Vehicle Crash Update 


What’s happening?

It may appear that all work has stopped, and in a way, it is sort of on pause.  The project manager has been working on detailing the repair requirements report, seeking permits and waiting on the project engineer’s report.  Now that this info has been collected, the insurance adjuster will be seeking quotes from contractors who want to take on this project.  This may take another 3 weeks before the quoting process is completed and a contractor is selected.  From there it will be a matter of scheduling the work, and after that it is up to the trades workers to get it done.     

Lower Auditorium

New carpeting has been partially installed in the lower auditorium, and we still need to work out whether the carpeting can be completed with the temporary wall in place.  Unfortunately the room is still not useable, and the entrance to the lower auditorium is still blocked off.  I will be working with the project manager to rectify this.   

Lower Kitchen

The Kitchen is still behind barriers and no restoration work has been started at all in this area, as it will be included with the main repair work.  However, just so you know, we have purchased the new appliances for the kitchen and they are on their way to us now.  We have ordered 2 Frigidaire refrigerators, 2 Frigidaire stoves and 2 Frigidaire microwave/hood fan combos.  We like the idea of the microwaves over the stoves, as this will free up more counter space.    Unfortunately, I don’t think we will see a lot of work taking place until perhaps after Christmas.  Of course I will continue to provide you with updates as soon as I know more.   

Sincerely, Darren Charlton