We want to remind everyone that this Sunday, Feb 28th is Karl's official last week as Worship Director. Please join us after the service for an Appreciation Reception in the lobby for Karl & Mandi and their family as we wish them well.

Branches is online! You can find the link in the upper right corner of our website menu. Or, pick up a printed copy at church!

Restoration is Beginning!!!
Work has finally been scheduled to start on restoring the damage to the building on Monday, Feb. 28th.  Carpenters will be starting with repairing the front wall, where the doors are currently missing. As for the repair to the lobby, there still is a small delay while we wait for delivery of the engineered beam, which has already been ordered. We should see the installation of the new front doors happening the week of March 7th. The temporary walls will remain in place until most of the framing has been completed and the floor is structurally repaired. We will keep you updated as progress is made. 

Table Talks
Please find attached the Table Talks for March. We will have the hard copy available for April. Thanks for your patience.

Pray for Ukraine
Ask God to redeem this situation by drawing many people to Himself. May Ukrainians and Russians discover that Jesus is the only true source of peace, safety, comfort, truth and freedom.Pray that missionaries and other believers will have many opportunities to explain to their neighbors and friends the reason for the hope within them, even in this time of trial.Pray for the various world leaders involved in diplomacy over Ukraine. Pray for peace. See you Sunday.